Modern Urban Contemporary Dining room and Kitchen. 3d render

Staging your home? Focus on these room.

When you ready your home for sale, you want it to appeal to as many buyers as possible. If your staging budget is limited, read below to find out what spaces you should focus on staging to make your home appear e most significant impact on buyers.

So what rooms should you focus on?


The kitchen is a crucial factor in buyer’s decisions, and staging is often overlooked because it has no furniture. It needs to be presented as functional and spacious. Declutter, declutter, declutter! Love your small appliances? Limit them to no more than three on the counter. Buyers will open the doors, so it’s time to purge and organize your cabinets. Less is more when it comes to presenting your home for sale.

Simple staging ideas: Open cookbook displayed on a counter or island. Display brightly colored towels on your oven handle—place settings at the kitchen island or eating area. Fresh flowers add a splash of happiness. Even a few simple glass Pellegrino bottles on the counter look great in an empty home.

Living Room

Families hang together in the living room. You may watch Netflix and play board games as well as toys for the little ones. Just like in the kitchen, you’re going to have to do the same thing. Declutter! Are you sensing a theme here? Buyers don’t need to see your novel and children’s toys. So take out everything that isn’t necessary. Your living room is now a ‘showroom,’ and its new purpose is to lure buyers in to buy your home. So make it look big and bright by taking away the unnecessary items. 

Simple staging ideas: Keep some accessories. Add or freshen up throw pillows. Breath some life into the room with a live plant/small tree/ Brighten it up! Add a light source if it seems too dark. Is there a fireplace and mantle? Add a few accent pieces that draw attention to it. Add a new area rug and an accent throw.

Dining Room

A dining room should be comfortable, functional with a touch of sophistication. If your family doesn’t use this space, decorate it like a dining room for marketing purposes. The furniture should be the proper size for the room. If it isn’t, you may need to get a bigger one or add another piece of furniture like a buffet or open glass shelves to space it out. 

Simple staging ideas: Add some focal pieces to the furniture if needed. A lovely centerpiece on the table or place settings at the table is excellent. An area rug will add drama to the room. Center the table under the chandelier perfectly. Limit the number of dining chairs to make the room look larger. Open heavy drapes to let as much light into the room. Remove any doilies – they’ll instantly age a place!

I suggest concentrating on these three rooms first. Of course, you should declutter every space and even the garage to make your home appear larger to potential buyers. We will give you our professional opinion when we walk through your home to get you the best results.