QueenDom Cultivation

I have been wanting to visit Queendom Cultivation since I saw a post about it on Facebook and I finally did last week. Queendom Cultivation is located at 8450 West Sahara Avenue, suite 109-110, Las Vegas, NV 89117 and is a holistic jewelry and healing retail store. I loved the store and it’s energy. I will definitely be back – maybe even to catch a class. Speaking of classes, you can find their event schedule here: https://www.queendomcultivation.com/queendom-events From their website: Queendom Cultivation is a holistic jewelry and healing retail store that came to light after Jazmine Danielle began to more deeply understand the gifts Mother Earth has given us -the beings that inhabit her Queendom. Recognizing that holistic wellness is oftentimes the last resort compared to modern western medicine, Jazmine sought to bring an understanding of holistic wellness to her community by bringing together fashion and education. Through healing crystals, gemstones, and other natural remedies Queendom Cultivation works to be a bridge between Mother Earth and the community by teaching the many different ways we can use these treasures to heal our bodies, transform our minds, and uplift our spirits.