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Courtney Kohler, a Las Vegas Realtor and Broker/Owner of Vivid Realty in Las Vegas, NV, welcomes you to our new channel, ‘Living in Las Vegas.’

‘Living in Las Vegas’ will explore all things real estate in the Las Vegas valley.  We will cover Las Vegas real estate, Henderson real estate, and other topics like relocating to Las Vegas, NV the Las Vegas housing market, Henderson, NV real estate, luxury real estate, Las Vegas prices, and local Las Vegas real estate news.  So if you’re a Las Vegas or Henderson home buyer, buckle up and stick around for the ride.  (That means to hit that subscribe button) If you consider moving to Las Vegas, watch our channel, where we will fill in the gaps you can’t see when searching for homes online.

We will be exploring the valley’s neighborhoods, so when you search for homes from your sofa, you aren’t left wondering what the area is like and what is around this dream home you just picked out online.  We will also cover things locals like to do in Las Vegas and the cost of living in Las Vegas.  We aren’t going to sugarcoat it either.  Not only are we going to explore the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas to live in, but we are also going to be showing the worst neighborhoods in Las Vegas.  Of course, that is an opinion, so we’re going to keep those pesky opinions to ourselves, and we’re just going to bring you the videos.  Consider our channel your Las Vegas neighborhood guide in video form.

We post new videos weekly, so make sure to like and subscribe.  You don’t want to miss out on our tours and real estate information.  Our mission is to give you the best information to determine the best place to buy a house in Las Vegas for you!

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Courtney Kohler has been an active Realtor© since 2002 and is the Broker/Owner of Vivid Realty located in Las Vegas.  Courtney and Vivid Realty service all areas of the Las Vegas valley, including Henderson, Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas.

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